You can separately update the Java version of all vCenter Server components depending on JRE server by using the VIMPatch ISO file. You can also upgrade the vCenter Server tc Server by using the same patch.

You can apply the patch without reinstalling the vCenter Server components. The patch delivers updates for JRE and vCenter Server tc Server.


  • Download the Java Components patch from VMware downloads page at The name format is VMware-VIMPatch-6.5.0-build_number-YYYYMMDD.iso.
  • Stop any vCenter Server component operations, as when you apply the patch, all running services will be stopped.


  1. Mount the VMware-VIMPatch-6.5.0-build_number-YYYYMMDD.iso to the system where the vCenter Server component is installed.
  2. Double-click ISO_mount_directory/autorun.exe.
    A vCenter Server Java Components Update wizard opens.
  3. Click Patch All.
    The patch checks whether the Java components and the vCenter Server tc Server components are up to date and silently updates them if necessary.