Adding a user to the users table updates the internal user list that the host maintains.


Review the password requirements in the vSphere Security documentation.


  1. Log in to ESXi with the VMware Host Client.
    You cannot create ESXi users with the vSphere Web Client. You must directly log in to the host with the VMware Host Client to create ESXi users.
  2. Click Manage in the VMware Host Client inventory and click Security & Users.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Click Add user.
  5. Enter a user name, and a password.
    Note: Do not create a user named ALL. Privileges associated with the name ALL might not be available to all users in some situations. For example, if a user named ALL has Administrator privileges, a user with the ReadOnly privileges might be able to log in to the host remotely. This is not the intended behavior.
    • Do not include any spaces in the user name.
    • Do not include any non-ASCII characters in the user name.
    • Create a password that meets the length and complexity requirements. The host checks for password compliance using the default authentication plug-in, If the password is not compliant, an error message indicates password requirements.
  6. Click Add.