The VMware Host Client is an HTML5-based client that is used to connect to and manage single ESXi hosts.

You can use the VMware Host Client to perform administrative and basic troubleshooting tasks, as well as advanced administrative tasks on your target ESXi host. You can also use the VMware Host Client to conduct emergency management when vCenter Server is not available.

It is important to know that the VMware Host Client is different from the vSphere Web Client, regardless of their similar user interfaces. You use the vSphere Web Client to connect to vCenter Server and manage multiple ESXi hosts, whereas you use the VMware Host Client to manage a single ESXi host.

VMware Host Client functions include, but are not limited to the following operations:

  • Basic virtualization operations, such as deploying and configuring virtual machines of various complexity
  • Creating and managing networking and datastores
  • Advanced tuning of host level options to improve performance