With iSCSI initiators, you can use static discovery to manually enter information for the targets.

When you set up Static Discovery, you can only add new iSCSI targets. You cannot change the IP address, DNS name, iSCSI target name, or port number of an existing target. To make changes, remove the existing target and add a new one.


Required privileges: Host.Configuration.Storage Partition Configuration


  1. Click Storage in the VMware Host Client inventory, click Adapters, and click Configure iSCSI.
  2. Click Add static target.
    The new static target appears in the list.
  3. To add a name for the new static target, click the target in the list and enter the name.
  4. To add an address for the new static target, click the target in the list and type the address.
  5. (Optional) To change the port number of the new static target, click the target Port text box and type the new port number.
  6. (Optional) To edit the static target settings, select the new target from the list of available targets, click Edit settings, configure the parameters that you want to change, and click Save.
  7. (Optional) To delete a specific target, select the target and click Remove static target.
    The target no longer appears in the list of existing static targets.
  8. Click Save configuration.