To evaluate whether you are using the latest version of the VMware Host Client, check what VIBs are installed to your environment and examine the VIBs version information. You can update your VMware Host Client environment by entering a URL to a VIB or an ESX update file.

If you provide a VIB, an existing VIB that is installed to your VMware Host Client environment is updated to the new VIB.

If a link to a file is provided, the entire ESXi system is updated to the version described by the file.

Caution: If the host is managed by vSphere Update Manager, updating the host via this message might cause Update Manager to report the host as non-compliant.


  1. Click Manage in the VMware Host Client and click Packages.
  2. Click Install update and enter the URL of the VIB or a file.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Click Refresh to make sure that the update is successful.