You can use the Snapshot Manager to delete a single snapshot or all snapshots in a tree.

Be careful not to accidentally delete a snapshot that you need. You cannot restore a deleted snapshot. For example, you might want to install several browsers, a, b, and c, and capture the virtual machine state after you install each browser. The first, or base snapshot, captures the virtual machine with browser a and the second snapshot captures browser b. If you restore the base snapshot that includes browser a and take a third snapshot to capture browser c and delete the snapshot that contains browser b, you cannot return to the virtual machine state that includes browser b.


  1. Click Virtual Machines in the VMware Host Client inventory.
  2. Right-click the virtual machine in the list and select Snapshots > Manage Snapshots.
  3. Click the snapshot that you want to delete and click Delete snapshot.
  4. (Optional) In the Delete Snapshot dialog box, select the Remove all children snapshots check-box to delete the selected snapshot together with all its children snapshots.
  5. Click Remove to confirm the deletion.
  6. Click Close to navigate out of the Snapshot Manager.