You can use the vSphere Online health checks to monitor the health of the system. You can run health checks and send the data to VMware for advanced analysis.


  • You must participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program to use online health checks.
  • To perform the online health checks, vCenter Server must be able to communicate over the Internet.
    Note: If Customer Improvement Experience Program (CEIP) is not enabled, the Internet connectivity check is unavailable.


  1. Navigate to vCenter Server or select a host in the vSphere Client navigator
  2. Click the Monitor tab, and click Health
  3. Expand Online health to check the categories
  4. Select the type of information to view
    Option Description
    Customer experience improvement program (CEIP) The CEIP check verifies whether the program is enabled for your vCenter Server. If it is not, click the button next to the health check, navigate to the CEIP page, and enroll in the program. To enable CEIP, click Configure CEIP
    Online health connectivity The Internet connectivity check verifies that vCenter Server can communicate with over the HTTPS/443 interface. If communication is successful, this check passes. If communication fails, the check indicates that the Internet connectivity is not available.
    vSphere periodically retests the health check and updates the results.
  5. To run the health checks and update the results immediately, click the Retest button.
    You can click the Ask VMware button to open a knowledge base article that describes the health check and provides information about how to resolve the issue.