You can monitor inventory objects by setting alarms on them. Setting an alarm involves selecting the type of inventory object to monitor, defining when the alarm triggers, for how long the alarm is on, and defining actions that are performed as a result of the alarm being triggered. You define alarms in the alarm definition wizard. You access the alarm definition wizard from the Monitor tab, under Issues.

When you create an alarm, you select the alarm type, the type of inventory object, and the type of activity that trigger the alarm. An activity that triggers an alarm can be any of the following:
  • A specific condition or a state of the inventory object.
  • An event that occurs on the object.

Depending on the type of activity that you choose to monitor, the options on the Triggers page that follow the General page in the alarm definitions wizard, change.

After defining the triggers, define the actions that the trigger causes.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.

Required Privilege: Alarms.Create alarm or Alarms.Modify alarm