A vService is a service or function that a solution provides to virtual machines and vApps. A solution can provide one or more vServices. These vServices integrate with the platform and are able to change the environment in which the vApp or virtual machine runs.

A vService is a type of service for a virtual machine and a vApp provided by a vCenter extension. Virtual machines and vApps can have dependencies on vServices. Each dependency is associated with a vService type. The vService type must be bound to a particular vCenter extension that implements that vService type. This vService type is similar to a virtual hardware device. For example, a virtual machine can have a networking device that at deployment must be connected to a particular network.

The vService Manager allows a solution to connect to operations related to OVF templates:

  • Importing OVF templates. Receive a callback when OVF templates with a vService dependency of a certain type are imported.
  • Exporting OVF templates. Inserts OVF sections when a virtual machine is exported.
  • OVF environment generation. Inserts OVF sections into the OVF environment at the power-on instance.

The vServices tab in the Solution Manager provides details for each vCenter extension. This information allows you to monitor vService providers and list the virtual machines or vApps to which they are bound.