ESXi 6.7 supports VVol (Virtual Volume) storage and up to 5 node MSCS clusters. The storage array must support SCSI persistent operations at the subsidiary LUN level.

  • ESXi 6.7 supports VVol Storage for Windows Server 2008 SP2 and above releases.
  • All hosts must be running ESXi 6.7 or above.
  • Only Cluster-across-box (CAB) is supported.
  • MSCS on VVols can work with any type of disk, "Thin" as well as "Thick"-provisioned disks.
  • This feature enables customers to move away from using Pass-through RDM (physical compatibility mode).
  • MSCS on VVols supports HA, DRS and vMotion.
  • The underlying transport protocol can be FC, ISCSI or FCOE.
  • Cluster-in-a-box (CIB) and a mixture of CAB and CIB is not supported.
  • N+1 cluster configuration, in which one ESXi host has virtual machines which are secondary nodes and one primary node is a physical box is not supported.