You can create an MSCS cluster in which each physical machine has a corresponding virtual machine. This type of configuration is known as a standby host cluster.

A standby host cluster has specific hardware and software requirements.
  • To configure the network for MSCS, start with a thorough understanding of your workload network requirements. For more information, see Virtual Networking Best Practices for MSCS.
  • Use RDMs in physical compatibility mode (pass-through RDM). You cannot use virtual disks or RDMs in virtual compatibility mode (non-pass-through RDM) for shared storage.
  • Use the STORport Miniport driver for the Fibre Channel (FC) HBA (QLogic or Emulex) in the physical Windows machine.
  • Do not run multipathing software in the physical or virtual machines.
  • Use only a single physical path from the host to the storage arrays in standby host configurations.