If you are changing from range- or prefixed-based allocation to the VMware OUI allocation, you must set the allocation type in the vpxd.cfd file and restart the vCenter Server.


Decide on an allocation type before changing the vpxd.cfg file. For information on allocation types, see MAC Address Assignment from vCenter Server


  1. On the host machine of vCenter Server, navigate to the directory that contains the configuration file:
    • On a Windows Server operating system, the location of the directory is C:\ProgramData\VMware\CIS\cfg\vmware-vpx.

    • On the vCenter Server Appliance, the location of the directory is /etc/vmware-vpx.

  2. Open the vpxd.cfg file.
  3. Decide on an allocation type to use and enter the corresponding XML code in the file to configure the allocation type.

    The following are examples of XML code to use.


    Use only one allocation type.

    • VMware OUI allocation

    • Prefix-based allocation

    • Range-based allocation

                <range id="0">
  4. Save the vpxd.cfg.
  5. Restart the vCenter Server host.