In vSphere Update Manager 6.7, TLS 1.2 is enabled by default. TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are disabled by default. You can enable TLS version 1.0 and TLS version 1.1, but you cannot disable TLS version 1.2.

You can manage the TLS protocol configuration for other services by using the TLS Configuration Utility. For vSphere Update Manager on Windows, however, you must reconfigure the TLS protocol manually.

Modifying the TLS protocol configuration might involve any of the following tasks.
  • Disabling TLS version 1.0 while leaving TLS version 1.1 and TLS version 1.2 enabled.
  • Disabling TLS version 1.0 and TLS version 1.1 while leaving TLS version 1.2 enabled.
  • Re-enabling a disabled TLS protocol version.