If you use I/O filters provided by third parties, install the I/O filters in an ESXi host cluster.

VMware partners create I/O filters through the vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) developer program. The filter packages are typically distributed as vSphere Installation Bundles (VIBs). The VIB package can include I/O filter daemons, CIM providers, and other associated components.

Typically, to deploy the filters, you run installers provided by vendors. Installation is performed at an ESXi cluster lever. You cannot install the filters on selected hosts.


  • Required privileges: Host.Configuration.Query patch.
  • Verify that the I/O filter solution integrates with vSphere ESX Agent Manager and is certified by VMware.


  • Run the installer that the vendor provided.
    The installer deploys the appropriate I/O filter extension on vCenter Server and the filter components on all hosts within a cluster.

    A storage provider, also called a VASA provider, is automatically registered for every ESXi host in the cluster. Successful auto-registration of the I/O filter storage providers triggers an event at the host level. If the storage providers fail to auto-register, the system raises alarms on the hosts.