Use the esxcli command to enable the VMware iSER adapter.


  • Make sure that your iSCSI storage supports the iSER protocol.
  • Install the RDMA-capable adapter on your ESXi host.
  • Use the RDMA-capable switch.
  • Enable flow control on the ESXi host. To enable flow control for the host, use the esxcli system module parameters command. For details, see the VMware knowledge base article at
  • Make sure to configure RDMA switch ports to create lossless connections between the iSER initiator and target.


  1. Use the ESXi Shell or vSphere CLI to enable the iSER adapter:
    esxcli rdma iser add
  2. Verify that the VMware iSER adapter has been added:
    1. Navigate to the host.
    2. Click the Configure tab.
    3. Under Storage, click Storage Adapters, and review the list of adapters.
      If you enabled the adapter, the adapter (vmhba#) appears on the list under the VMware iSCSI over RDMA (iSER) Adapter category.