You can use the ESXi Shell or vSphere CLI commands to configure and monitor the high-performance plug-in.

See Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces for an introduction, and vSphere Command-Line Interface Reference details of esxcli command use.




esxcli storage hpp path list

List the paths currently claimed by the high-performance plug-in.


Display information for a specific device.


Limit the output to a specific path.

esxcli storage hpp device list

List the devices currently controlled by the high-performance plug-in.


Show a specific device.

esxcli storage hpp device set

Configure settings for an HPP device.


The HPP device upon which to operate. Use any of the UIDs that the device reports. Required.


Specify whether the HPP treats the device as an SSD.

esxcli storage hpp device usermarkedssd list

List the devices that were marked as SSD by user.


Limit the output to a specific device.