If the VMFS3 datastore fails to upgrade, it remains unmounted, and its status changes to Failed to Upgrade. Use the following steps to resolve the failure.

Note: If the upgrade fails in the mixed environment of the 6.5 and 6.7 and later ESXi hosts, the VMFS3 datastore remains unmounted in the Failed to Upgrade status on the 6.7 host. However, the datastore is accessible from the 6.5 host.


  1. Manually mount the VMFS3 datastore.
    Because the datastore is in the Failed to Upgrade state, the ESXi host does not attempt an upgrade. After a successful mount, the Failed to Upgrade status is cleared.
  2. Take any necessary corrective actions on the datastore.
    For example, if the previous upgrade failed due to lack of space, delete the files from the datastore to make space.
  3. Repeat the upgrade operation.