You can change the default name and alias assigned to your iSCSI or iSER adapters. For the independent hardware iSCSI adapters, you can also change the default IP settings.

Important: When you modify any default properties for your adapters, make sure to use correct formats for their names and IP addresses.


Required privilege: Host .Configuration.Storage Partition Configuration


  1. Navigate to the host.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Under Storage, click Storage Adapters, and select the adapter (vmhba#) to configure.
  4. Click the Properties tab, and click Edit in the General panel.
  5. (Optional) Modify the following general properties.
    Option Description
    iSCSI Name Unique name formed according to iSCSI standards that identifies the iSCSI adapter. If you change the name, make sure that the name you enter is worldwide unique and properly formatted. Otherwise, certain storage devices might not recognize the iSCSI adapter.
    iSCSI Alias A friendly name you use instead of the iSCSI name.


If you change the iSCSI name, it is used for new iSCSI sessions. For existing sessions, the new settings are not used until you log out and log in again.