Review the paths that connect to storage devices backing your VMFS datastores.


  1. Navigate to the VMFS datastore.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Click Connectivity and Multipathing.
  4. Select a host to view multipathing details for its devices.
  5. Under Multipathing Policies, review the module that owns the device, such as NMP. You can also see the Path Selection Policy and Storage Array Type Policy assigned to the device.
    For example, you might see the following:
    Path Selection Policy Preferred Path
    Storage Array Type Policy VMW_SATP_LOCAL
    Owner Plugin NMP
  6. Under Paths, review the device paths and the status of each path. The following path status information can appear:
    Status Description
    Active (I/O) Working path or multiple paths that currently transfer data.
    Standby Paths that are inactive. If the active path fails, they can become operational and start transferring I/O.
    Disabled Paths that are disabled by the administrator.
    Dead Paths that are no longer available for processing I/O. A physical medium failure or array misconfiguration can cause this status.

    If you are using the Fixed path policy, you can see which path is the preferred path. The preferred path is marked with an asterisk (*) in the Preferred column.