If your Update Manager has connection to the Internet, you can directly download the vendor firmware tool to vCenter Server. Alternatively you can import the vendor firmware tool from a custom location.

The vendor firmware tool is an engine that enables the download of the latest available and supported firmware for the servers that run the vSAN cluster. The option to download a vendor firmware tool is available only for supported I/O controllers.

The information about an available firmware tool is present in the vSAN HCL .json file. This information is provided to VMware by the respective vendor, who is responsible for recommending a firmware tool for their hardware. If no information is registered in the vSAN HCL, you might not be able to download the vendor firmware tool.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select Hosts and Clusters and select a vSAN cluster from the inventory.
  2. Select the Updates tab.
    You are in the Update Manager compliance view.
  3. Select Host Updates.
  4. Click Download vendor firmware tool on the warning message.
  5. Depending whether your vCenter Server system is connected to the Internet, you can perform on of the following tasks.
    Option Description
    Download from Default Depot

    If your vCenter Server is connected to the Internet, you can download the firmware tool directly.

    1. From the drop-down menu, select and read the individual end-user license agreements.
      Note: If you are importing firmware for multiple hosts in the vSAN cluster, the Download vendor firmware tool dialog box displays multiple end-user license agreements.
    2. Accept all the end-user license agreements, by selecting the check box under the EULA.
    3. Click Import.
    Enter your own location

    If your vCenter Server is not connected to the Internet, you must upload the firmware tool manually.

    1. Click Browse and select the vendor firmware tool.
      Note: The file you upload must be compliant with the HCL.
    2. Click Close.


The vendor firmware tool is installed and is available for use.