You can review compliance information for the virtual machines and hosts against baselines and baseline groups that you attach.

When you select a container object, you view the overall compliance status of the attached baselines, and all the individual compliance statuses. If you select an individual baseline attached to the container object, you see the compliance status of the baseline.

If you select an individual virtual machine or host, you see the overall compliance status of the selected object against all attached baselines and the number of updates. If you further select an individual baseline attached to this object, you see the number of updates grouped by the compliance status for that baseline.


  1. Depending on the compliance information you want to see, perform the following steps:
    1. To view host compliance information, select Home > Hosts and Clusters, and select a host, a cluster, a data center, or a vCenter Server instance.
    2. To view virtual machine compliance information, select Home > VMs and Templates, and select a virtual machine or a folder.
  2. Click the Update Manager tab.
  3. Select one of the attached baselines to view compliance information for the object against the selected baseline.


You can see the compliance information in the table below the attached baselines to the object.