When you install Update Manager, you can establish an ODBC connection with a SQL Server database.

If you use SQL Server for Update Manager, do not use the master database.

See your Microsoft SQL ODBC documentation for specific instructions on configuring the SQL Server ODBC connection.


  1. Create a SQL Server database by using SQL Server Management Studio on SQL Server.
    The Update Manager installer creates all tables, procedures, and user-defined functions (UDF) within the default schema of the database user that you use for Update Manager. This default schema does not necessarily have to be dbo schema.
  2. Create a SQL Server database user with database operator (DBO) rights.

    Make sure that the database user has either a sysadmin server role or the db_owner fixed database role on the Update Manager database and the MSDB database.

    The db_owner role on the MSDB database is required for installation and upgrade only.