The Update Manager client interface do not require any installation, and is automatically enabled in both the vSphere Web Client and the vSphere Client after you deploy the vCenter Server Appliance.

With the Update Manager client interface in the vSphere Web Client, you can perform the full set of operations that Update Manager offers. You can create and manage baselines, attach and detach baselines to hosts and VMs, scan for compliance, perform upgrade operations on the hosts and update operations the virtual machines in your environment, manage the Update Manager configuration settings.

With the Update Manager client interface for the vSphere Client, you can perform a limited set of Update Manager operations. You can create, attach and detach baselines, monitor host and cluster compliance, remediate hosts and clusters. With vSphere Client 6.7 you cannot change Update Manager configuration settings, remediate VMs, or change the default options for the remediation process in the remediation wizard. For any of the limited functionality, you must use the vSphere Web Client.

For more information, see Overview of the Update Manager Client Interfaces.