You can create upgrade baselines for ESXi hosts with ESXi 6.7 images, wchich you import to the Update Manager repository.

You can use ESXi .iso images to upgrade ESXi 6.0.x hosts and ESXi 6.5.x hosts to ESXi 6.7.

To upgrade hosts, use the ESXi installer image distributed by VMware with the name format VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.7.0-build_number.x86_64.iso or a custom image created by using vSphere ESXi Image Builder.


  • Required privileges: VMware vSphere Update Manager.Manage Baselines.
  • Verify that you have an ESXi 6.7 image available in inventory. For more information, see Import ESXi Host Upgrade Images.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu > Update Manager.
  2. Navigate to Menu > Update Manager.
    The Update Manager home appears.
  3. Click Baselines.
  4. Click New and select New Baseline.
    The Create Baseline wizard appears.
  5. On the Name and description page, enter a name and, optionally, a description of the baseline.
  6. To create an ESXi upgrade baseline, select Upgrade and click Next.
  7. On the Select Image page, select an ESXi image, and click Next.
  8. On the Summary page, review your selections and click Finish.


The new baseline appears in the baselines list on the Baselines tab.You can attach the baseline to a data center, a cluster, or a host.

What to do next

Attach the baseline to a data center, a cluster, or a host.