You can detach baselines and baseline groups from objects to which the baselines or baseline groups are directly attached. Because vSphere objects can have inherited properties, you might have to select the container object where the baseline or baseline group is attached and then detach it from the container object.


  • Required privileges: VMware vSphere Update Manager.Manage Baselines.Attach Baseline.


  1. Use the vSphere Web Client to log in to a vCenter Server Appliance, or to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered.
  2. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select Hosts and Clusters or VMs and Templates.
  3. Select the object in the inventory, and select Update Manager.
  4. Remove a baseline or a baseline group that is attached to the object.
    1. To remove a baseline, select the baseline, and click Detach on the upper left corner of the Attached Baselines pane.
    2. To remove a baseline group, select the baseline group from the Attached Baseline Groups drop-down menu, and click Detach at the upper right corner of the Attached Baseline Groups drop-down menu.
      You cannot detach an individual baseline from the group. You can only detach the entire baseline group.
  5. In the Detach Baseline Group dialog box, select the entities that you want to detach the baseline or the baseline group from.
  6. Click OK.


The baseline or baseline group that you detach is no longer listed in the Attached Baselines pane or the Attached Baseline Groups drop-down menu.