Smart rebooting selectively restarts the virtual machines in the vApp to maintain startup dependencies. You can enable and disable smart rebooting of virtual machines in a vApp after remediation.

A vApp is a prebuilt software solution, consisting of one or more virtual machines and applications, which are potentially operated, maintained, monitored, and updated as a unit.

Smart rebooting is enabled by default. If you disable smart rebooting, the virtual machines are restarted according to their individual remediation requirements, disregarding existing startup dependencies.


Required privileges: VMware vSphere Update Manager.Configure


  1. In the Home view of the vSphere Web Client, select the Update Manager icon.
  2. From the Objects tab, select an Update Manager instance.
    The Objects tab also displays all the vCenter Server system to which an Update Manager instance is connected.
  3. Click the Manage tab.
  4. Click Settings, and click vApp Settings.
  5. Click Edit.
    The vApp Settings dialog box opens.
  6. Click the Enable smart reboot after remediation check box to enable or disable smart rebooting.