If you make configuration changes to the Update Manager settings, you might need to restart the Update Manager service.

To start, stop, and restart vCenter Server services in the vCenter Server appliance, you use the vCenter Server Management Interface.

Note: Starting with vSphere 6.5, all vCenter Server services run as child processes of the VMware Service Lifecycle Manager service.


Log in to the vCenter Server Management Interface as root.


  1. In the vCenter Server Management Interface, click Services.
    The Services pane displays a table of all services. You can sort them by name, startup type, health, and state.
  2. Select the VMware vSphere Update Manager service and select your action.
    The available actions depend on whether the Update Manager service is already running or not.
    • Click Restart to restart the service.

      Restarting the service requires confirmation and might lead to the Update Manager functionality becoming temporarily unavailable.

    • Click Start to start the service.
    • Click Stop to stop the service.

      Stopping the service requires confirmation.