VMware vSphere® Platinum is an edition that combines under a single license the capabilities of vSphere and VMware AppDefense.

VMware vSphere Platinum includes the following components:
  • VMware vSphere for Platinum Edition
  • VMware AppDefense Plugin for Platinum Edition
  • VMware AppDefense (SaaS) for Platinum Edition

VMware AppDefense enhances the security of your environment and protects your applications by monitoring for changes in their intended state. The VMware AppDefense plug-in is a plug-in that you can install, upgrade, and manage only if you have the VMware vSphere Platinum license. When you add a license key for VMware vSphere Platinum, the AppDefense icon appears in the left navigation pane of the vSphere Client. For more information about VMware AppDefense, see the VMware AppDefense documentation.