You can use quick filters to find an object or a set of objects in your vSphere Web Client inventory that fit certain criteria.

For example, you can use the quick filter options for virtual machines to find all virtual machines in your vSphere inventory that are powered on but do not have VMware Tools running.


  1. On the vSphere Web Client home page, click Global Inventory Lists and select an inventory list view.
    For example, you can select Virtual Machines, Hosts, or Clusters.
    As an alternative, you can access inventory list views from the related objects tabs of an object or from the Search results page. The related objects tabs appear when you select an object from the inventory. For example, when you select a data center from the inventory, the related objects tabs include Hosts and Clusters, VMs, Datastores, and so on.
  2. Click the Show and hide quick filters icon (Show quick filters criteria) next to the filter box, and select from the available options.


A list of inventory objects that meet your selection criteria is displayed.

What to do next

To clear the filtered list of vSphere inventory objects, deselect the filter criteria or click Clear next to the filter group name.