Enable EVC on an existing cluster to ensure vMotion CPU compatibility between the hosts in the cluster.


Verify that the hosts in the cluster meet the requirements listed in EVC Requirements for Hosts.


  1. Select a cluster in the vSphere inventory.
  2. Power off all the virtual machines on the hosts with feature sets greater than the EVC mode.
    To determine the EVC mode of all virtual machines on the hosts in the cluster, see Determine the EVC Mode of a Virtual Machine. You must power off all powered on virtual machine with no EVC mode or with an EVC mode that is greater than the EVC mode that you plan to enable on the cluster.
  3. Click the Configure tab, select VMware EVC, and click Edit.
  4. Enable EVC for the CPU vendor and feature set appropriate for the hosts in the cluster, and click OK.
  5. Power on the virtual machines in the cluster to apply the EVC.