Every SNMP v3 agent has an engine ID, which serves as a unique identifier for the agent. The engine ID is used with a hashing function to generate localized keys for authentication and encryption of SNMP v3 messages.

If you do not specify an engine ID before you enable the SNMP agent, when you enable the standalone SNMP agent, an engine ID is generated.


  1. Access the appliance shell and log in as a user who has the administrator or super administrator role.
    The default user with super administrator role is root.
  2. Run the snmp.set --engineid command to configure the target.
    For example, run the following command:
    snmp.set --engineid 80001adc802417e202b8613f5400000000
    Here, 80001adc802417e202b8613f5400000000 is the ID, a hexadecimal string between 5 and 32 characters in length.