You can change the FQDN, IP, or PNID of the management network of the vCenter Server Appliance.


The system name is used as a primary network identifier. If you set an IP address as a system name during the deployment of the appliance, you can later change the PNID to an FQDN.

If vCenter High Availability (HA) is enabled, you must disable the vCenter HA setup before reconfiguring the PNID.


  1. Log in to thevCenter Server Appliance Management Interface using your administrator SSO credentials.
  2. In thevCenter Server Appliance Management Interface, navigate to the Networking page and click Edit.
  3. Select the NIC to be modified and click Next.
  4. In the Edit Settings pane, change the host name and provide the new IP address. Click Next.
  5. In the SSO Credentials pane, provide the administrator SSO credentials. You must use administrator@<domain_name> credentials.
  6. In the Ready to Complete pane, review your new settings and check the backup acknowledgement box. Click Finish.
    A taskbar shows the status of the network update. To cancel the update, click Cancel Network Update. When the network reconfiguration is complete, the UI redirects to the new IP address.
  7. To finish the reconfiguration process and restart services, log in using your administrator SSO credentials.
  8. On the Networking page, verify the new host name and IP address.

What to do next

  • Re-register all deployed plug-ins.
  • Regenerate all custom certificates.
  • If vCenter HA was enabled, reconfigure vCenter HA.
  • If Active Domain was enabled, reconfigure Active Domain.
  • If Hybrid Link mode was enabled, reconfigure Hybrid Link with the Cloud vCenter Server.