The vSAN Host Affinity storage policy enables you to store a single copy of data on a VM's local host.

The vSAN Host Affinity storage policy adapts the efficiency and resiliency of vSAN for next-generation, shared-nothing applications. When you use this policy, vSAN maintains a single copy of the data, which is stored on the local host running the VM. This policy is offered as a deployment choice for Big Data (Hadoop, Spark), NoSQL, and other such applications that maintain data redundancy at the application layer.

vSAN Host Affinity has specific requirements and guidelines that require VMware validation to ensure proper deployment. The vSAN Host Affinity policy must be applied to all of the VMs in the cluster, and cannot be combined with other policies on the same cluster. vSAN Encryption and Deduplication cannot be used with the vSAN Host Affinity policy. vSphere DRS and HA options must be turned off to prevent automated movement of VMs.

Administrators interested in this feature must contact VMware to file an intent to deploy request. VMware will evaluate the request to ensure that your deployment meets the requirements before approving for support and production use. VMware shall not support any deployment that does not have explicit approval. For more information, contact your VMware representative.