The vsan.ondisk_upgrade command provides various command options that you can use to control and manage the vSAN cluster upgrade. For example, you can allow reduced redundancy to perform the upgrade when you have little free space available.

Run the vsan.ondisk_upgrade --help command to display the list of RVC command options.

Use these command options with the vsan.ondisk_upgrade command.
Table 1. Upgrade Command Options
Options Description

Use to specify paths to all host systems in the cluster or cluster's compute resources.

--ignore-objects, -i

Use to skip vSAN object upgrade. You can also use this command option to eliminate the object version upgrade. When you use this command option, objects continue to use the current on-disk format version.

--allow-reduced-redundancy, -a

Use to remove the requirement of having a free space equal to one disk group during disk upgrade. With this option, virtual machines operate in a reduced redundancy mode during upgrade, which means certain virtual machines might be unable to tolerate failures temporarily and that inability might cause data loss. vSAN restores full compliance and redundancy after the upgrade is completed.

--force, -f

Use to enable force-proceed and automatically answer all confirmation questions.

--help, -h

Use to display the help options.

For information about using the RVC commands, see the RVC Command Reference Guide.