You might need to export an item from a content library to your local system.


Required privilege: Content library > Download files on the library.


  1. Navigate to the Content Libraries list.



    vSphere Client

    Select Menu > Content Libraries.

    vSphere Web Client

    1. Select Home > Content Libraries.

    2. Click the Objects tab.

  2. Select a content library.
  3. Select the type of file you want to export.
    • From the Templates tab, right-click a template from the library, and select Export Item.

    • From the Other Types tab, right-click a file from the library that is not a template, and select Export Item.

  4. In the Export Library Item dialog box click OK.
  5. If you are exporting an OVF template, you are prompted to save each file associated with the template to the browser download location (for example, .vmdk and .mf files)

    If you are using the Internet Explorer browser to export an OVF template, new tabs open in the browser for each file of the OVF template. For each new tab, you are prompted to accept a security certificate. Accept each security certificate, before saving each file.