You can set or edit the IP allocation policy that the virtual machine uses when you export it to an OVF template and deploy the OVF template.


  1. Navigate to a virtual machine from the vCenter Server inventory.
  2. On the Configure tab, expand Settings and select vApp options.
  3. Click the Edit button.
    In the vSphere Client, the Edit vApp Options dialog box opens.

    In the vSphere Web Client, the Edit Settings dialog box opens.

  4. If vApp options are not enabled, select the Enable vApp options check box.
  5. Select the IP protocol and an IP allocation scheme.
    • In the vSphere Client, click the IP Allocation tab and make the necessary changes in the Authoring section.
    • In the vSphere Web Client, expand IP allocation in the Authoring section and make the necessary changes.

    The supported protocols are IPv4, IPv6, or both.

    Consult the following table to learn more about the IP allocation schemes.

    Option Description
    OVF environment IP allocation is determined by the environment in which you deploy the OVF template.
    DHCP The IP addresses are allocated through a DHCP server when the virtual machine is powered on.
    The information you specify in the Authoring section will be used if you export the virtual machine to OVF and deploy the OVF at a later time.
  6. Click OK.