In the vSphere Client, to apply the range of IP addresses from a network protocol profile to a virtual machine that is a part of a vApp or has vApp functionality enabled, assign the network or distributed port group that controls the networking of the virtual machine to the network protocol profile.



  1. Navigate to a data center that is associated with a vApp.
  2. On the Configure tab, select More > Network Protocol Profiles.
    Existing network protocol profiles are listed.
  3. Select a nework protocol profile from the list and click the Assign button.
    The Assign Networks dialog box opens.
  4. Select a port group or a network to assign to the network protocol profile.
    • On the Distributed portgroups tab, you see a list of the distributed port groups.
    • On the Networks tab, you see a list of the port groups of standard switches.
    You can select multiply port groups before you close the dialog box.
  5. Click Save.


The port groups that you selected are now associated with the network protocol profile.

What to do next

To apply to a virtual machine or vApp the range of IP addresses that the network protocol profile contains, configure the virtual machine or vApp to use the network protocol profile. For more information, see Use a Network Protocol Profile to Allocate IP Addresses to a Virtual Machine or vApp.