Storage controller vendors provide a software management tool that vSAN can use to update controller drivers and firmware. If the management tool is not present on ESXi hosts, you can download the tool.

The Updates page only supports specific storage controller models from selected vendors.


  • Verify hardware compatibility on the Configuration Assist page.
  • DRS must be enabled if you must keep VMs running during the software updates.


  1. Navigate to the vSAN cluster in the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Under vSAN, click Updates to review the components that are missing or ready to install.
  4. Select the Management (Mgmt) tool for your controller, and click the Download icon.
    The Management tool is downloaded from the Internet to your vCenter Server.
  5. Click the Update All icon to install the management tool on the ESXi hosts in your cluster.
    Confirm whether you want to update all hosts at once, or if you want to use a rolling update.
  6. Click the Refresh icon.
    The Updates page displays controller components that require an update.

What to do next

When the management tool is installed, you can proceed to update the controller drivers and firmware that appear on the Update page.