vSAN Planning and Deployment describes how to design and deploy a vSAN cluster in a vSphere environment. The information includes system requirements, sizing guidelines, and suggested best practices.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for anyone who wants to design and deploy a vSAN cluster in a VMware vSphere environment. The information in this manual is written for experienced system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and virtual datacenter operations. This manual assumes familiarity with VMware vSphere, including VMware ESXi, vCenter Server, and the vSphere Client.

For more information about vSAN features and how to configure a vSAN cluster, see Administering VMware vSAN.

For more information about monitoring a vSAN cluster and fixing problems, see the vSAN Monitoring and Troubleshooting Guide.

vSphere Client and vSphere Web Client

Instructions in this guide reflect the vSphere Client (an HTML5-based GUI). You can also use the instructions to perform the tasks by using the vSphere Web Client (a Flex-based GUI).

Tasks for which the workflow differs significantly between the vSphere Client and the vSphere Web Client have duplicate procedures that provide steps according to the respective client interface. The procedures that relate to the vSphere Web Client, contain vSphere Web Client in the title.

Note: In vSphere 6.7 Update 1, almost all of the vSphere Web Client functionality is implemented in the vSphere Client. For an up-to-date list of any remaining unsupported functionality, see Functionality Updates for the vSphere Client.