Use the direct console interface for initial ESXi configuration and troubleshooting.

Connect a keyboard and monitor to the host to use the direct console. After the host completes the autoconfiguration phase, the direct console appears on the monitor. You can examine the default network configuration and change any settings that are not compatible with your network environment.

Key operations available to you in the direct console include:

  • Configuring hosts
  • Setting up administrative access
  • Troubleshooting

You can also use vSphere Client to manage the host by using vCenter Server.

Table 1. Navigating in the Direct Console
Action Key
View and change the configuration F2
Change the user interface to high-contrast mode F4
Shut down or restart the host F12
View the VMkernel log Alt+F12
Switch to the shell console Alt+F1
Switch to the direct console user interface Alt+F2
Move the selection between fields Arrow keys
Select a menu item Enter
Toggle a value Spacebar
Confirm sensitive commands, such as resetting configuration defaults F11
Save and exit Enter
Exit without saving Esc
Exit system logs q