Before you can manage vSphere Auto Deploy with rules that you create with PowerCLI cmdlets, you must install PowerCLI.

In this scenario, you install PowerCLI on а Windows system.


  • Verify that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or 4.5.x is installed, or install it from the Microsoft website.
  • Verify that Windows PowerShell 3.0 or 4.0 is installed, or install it from the Microsoft website.


  1. Log in with administrator privileges to the console of the Windows system, either directly or by using RDP.
  2. Download the latest PowerCLI installer from the Download page of the VMware website and install the PowerCLI software.
    To install PowerCLI by running a Windows PowerShell command, download the latest version from VMware {code} and follow the PowerCLI User’s Guide.
  3. Confirm that PowerCLI is working.
    1. Start a PowerCLI session.
    2. (Optional) If an SSL error appears, check the thumbprint and ignore the error.
    3. Run the Get-DeployCommand cmdlet.
    PowerCLI displays a list of cmdlets and their definitions in the PowerCLI window.
  4. (Optional) If Get-DeployCommand does not return the list of cmdlets, check your PowerCLI version and uninstall and reinstall it if necessary.

What to do next

Configure the settings of your target hosts to prepare them for provisioning with vSphere Auto Deploy.