To complete a host upgrade, you ensure that the host is reconnected to its managing vCenter Server system and reconfigured if necessary. You also check that the host is licensed correctly.

After you upgrade an ESXi host, take the following actions:

  • View the upgrade logs. You can use the vSphere Client to export the log files.
  • If a vCenter Server system manages the host, you must reconnect the host to vCenter Server by right-clicking the host in the vCenter Server inventory and selecting Connect.
  • When the upgrade is complete, the ESXi host is in evaluation mode. The evaluation period is 60 days. You must assign a vSphere 7.0 license before the evaluation period expires. You can upgrade existing licenses or acquire new ones from My VMware. Use the vSphere Client to configure the licensing for the hosts in your environment. See the vCenter Server and Host Management documentation for details about managing licenses in vSphere.
  • The host sdX devices might be renumbered after the upgrade. If necessary, update any scripts that reference sdX devices.
  • Upgrade virtual machines on the host. See Upgrading Virtual Machines and VMware Tools.
  • Set up the vSphere Authentication Proxy service. Earlier versions of the vSphere Authentication Proxy are not compatible with vSphere 7.0. See the vSphere Security documentation for details about configuring the vSphere Authentication Proxy service.