Ensure that you have the necessary credentials, and that you complete any necessary cleanup or other preparation before migrating your PostgreSQL database installation on Windows to an appliance.

For information about backing up the vCenter Server database, see the PostgreSQL documentation.


Verify that you have confirmed basic migration interoperability before preparing your PostgreSQL database for migrating vCenter Server.


  1. Verify that passwords are current and not set to expire soon.
  2. For vCenter Server, locate the cleanup_orphaned_data_PostgresSQL.sql script in the ISO image and copy it to your PostgreSQL server.
  3. Log in to vCenter Server Appliance as root user.
  4. Run the cleanup script.
    /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.4/bin/psql -U postgres -d VCDB -f path cleanup_orphaned_data_Postgres.sql

    The cleanup script cleans and purges any unnecessary or orphaned data in your vCenter Server database that is not used by any vCenter Server component.

  5. Make a full backup of the vCenter Server database.


Your database is prepared for the vCenter Server migration to vCenter Server Appliance.