You can verify the success of your vCenter Server upgrade or migration.

You must be logged into the upgraded or migrated vCenter Server instance. If you created a reference of required information based or a CLI template, you can use it to validate the upgrade or migration success.


  1. Verify that the IP address is correct.
  2. Verify that the Active Directory registration has not changed.
  3. Verify the Network registration is correct.
  4. Verify the Domain is correct.
  5. Verify the certificates are valid.
  6. Verify the inventory data is correctly migrated.
    1. Review the events history.
    2. Review the performance charts.
    3. Review the users, permissions, and roles.


If the postupgrade or postmigration configuration conforms to your required information or CLI template reference and expectations, the vCenter Server upgrade or migration is complete.

What to do next

You can troubleshoot unexpected behavior by reviewing logs. You can also perform a rollback to the source configuration. See Roll Back a vCenter Server Upgrade or vCenter Server on Windows Migration