Ensure that you have the necessary credentials, and that you complete any necessary cleanup or other preparation before migrating your Microsoft SQL Server database on Windows to an embedded PostgreSQL database appliance.

Important: You cannot use Integrate Windows for your authentication method if the vCenter Server service is running under the Microsoft Windows built-in system account.


Verify that you have backed up your database. For information about backing up the vCenter Server database, see the Microsoft SQL Server documentation.


  1. Verify that passwords are current and not set to expire soon.
  2. Verify that JDK 1.6 or later is installed on the vCenter Server machine.
  3. Verify that the sqljdbc4.jar file is added to the CLASSPATH variable on the machine where vCenter Server Appliance is to be migrated.
    If the sqljdbc4.jar file is not installed on your system, the vCenter Server Appliance installer installs it.
  4. Verify that your system database source name is using the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10 or 11 driver.
  5. Make a full backup of the vCenter Server database.


Your database is prepared for the vCenter Server migration to vCenter Server Appliance.