When you deploy the vCenter Server appliance, you can select to deploy an appliance that is suitable for the size of your vSphere environment. The option that you select determines the number of CPUs and the amount of memory for the appliance.

Hardware Requirements for the vCenter Server Appliance

The hardware requirements for a vCenter Server appliance depend on the size of your vSphere inventory.

Table 1. Hardware Requirements for a vCenter Server Appliance
Number of vCPUs Memory
Tiny environment (up to 10 hosts or 100 virtual machines) 2 12 GB
Small environment (up to 100 hosts or 1,000 virtual machines) 4 19 GB
Medium environment (up to 400 hosts or 4,000 virtual machine) 8 28 GB
Large environment (up to 1,000 hosts or 10,000 virtual machines) 16 37 GB
X-Large environment (up to 2,000 hosts or 35,000 virtual machines) 24 56 GB
Note: If you want to add an ESXi host with more than 512 LUNs and 2,048 paths to the vCenter Server inventory, you must deploy a vCenter Server appliance for a large or x-large environment.