When you deploy the vCenter Server appliance, the ESXi host or DRS cluster on which you deploy the appliance must meet minimum storage requirements. The required storage depends not only on the size of the vSphere environment and the storage size, but also on the disk provisioning mode.

Storage Requirements for the vCenter Server Appliance

The storage requirements are different for each vSphere environment size and depend on your database size requirements.

Table 1. Storage Requirements for a vCenter Server Appliance
Default Storage Size Large Storage Size X-Large Storage Size
Tiny environment (up to 10 hosts or 100 virtual machines) 579 GB 1992 GB 4279 GB
Small environment (up to 100 hosts or 1,000 virtual machines) 694 GB 2046 GB 4304 GB
Medium environment (up to 400 hosts or 4,000 virtual machine) 908 GB 2140 GB 4468 GB
Large environment (up to 1,000 hosts or 10,000 virtual machines) 1358 GB 1958 GB 4518 GB
X-Large environment (up to 2,000 hosts or 35,000 virtual machines) 2283 GB 2383 GB 4620 GB
Note: The storage requirements include the requirements for the vSphere Lifecycle Manager that runs as a service in the vCenter Server appliance.