Whether you manage the ESXi hosts in your environment with baselines or with images, you can configure the behavior of vSphere Lifecycle Manager during host update and upgrade operations.

You can configure and modify the vSphere Lifecycle Manager settings only if you have the privileges to configure the vSphere Lifecycle Manager settings and service. The permission must be assigned to the vCenter Server where vSphere Lifecycle Manager runs. For more information about managing users, groups, roles, and permissions, see the vSphere Security documentation. For a list of the vSphere Lifecycle Manager privileges and their descriptions, see Privileges for Using vSphere Lifecycle Manager Images and Baselines.

If your vCenter Server system is connected to other vCenter Server systems by a common vCenter Single Sign-On domain, you can configure the settings for each vSphere Lifecycle Manager instance. The configuration properties that you modify are applied only to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager instance that you specify, and are not propagated to the other instances in the domain.

You can change any of the vSphere Lifecycle Manager settings on the Settings tab in the vSphere Lifecycle Manager home view.

Host Remediation Settings

You can use baselines or images to remediate individual hosts or all hosts in a cluster collectively. Some remediation settings are applicable regardless of whether you use baselines or images to initiate host remediation. For example, you can configure virtual machine migration settings, maintenance mode settings, and quick boot for hosts that are managed by either cluster images or baselines.

Other settings are applicable only to hosts that you manage by using baselines and baselines groups. Such settings are allowing the installation of software on PXE booted hosts and the removal of media devices before maintenance mode.

For information about how to configure host remediation settings, see Configure Remediation Settings for vSphere Lifecycle Manager Baselines and Configure Remediation Settings for vSphere Lifecycle Manager Images.

You can also configure certain cluster settings to ensure successful remediation. For more information about the cluster settings that affect host remediation, see Cluster Settings and Host Remediation.