You can edit or delete a download source from the list of vSphere Lifecycle Manager download sources. You can also allow or disallow vSphere Lifecycle Manager to download updates from a particular download source.


Required privileges: VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager.Configure


  1. Navigate to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager home view.
    1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu > Lifecycle Manager.
    2. Select a vCenter Server system from the Lifecycle Manager drop-down menu.
      The drop-down menu is available only when multiple vCenter Server systems are connected by a common vCenter Single Sign-On domain. By selecting a vCenter Server system, you specify which vSphere Lifecycle Manager instance you want to administer.
  2. On the Settings tab, select Administration > Patch Setup.
  3. In the Patches downloaded from the Internet pane, select a URL address from the list of download sources and select your task.
    • Click Edit to edit the source URL or the description for the selected download source.
    • Click Enable or Disable to allow or disallow downloading from the selected download source.
    • Click Delete to delete the selected download source.
    Note: You cannot edit or delete the default VMware download source for ESXi updates. You can only allow or disallow vSphere Lifecycle Manager to use it for downloading update metadata from it.