To initiate a hardware compatibility check for a host, the hardware compatibility data from VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) must become available to vSphere Lifecycle Manager.

Synchronizing compatibility ensures that the compatibility information from VCG becomes available to vSphere Lifecycle Manager. The synchronization task is not automated. When no compatibility data is available for use to vSphere Lifecycle Manager, you must trigger the compatibility data synchronization manually.

vSAN HCL data is not updated through synchronization. If you want to check the hardware compatibility of a host that is in a vSAN cluster, you must first verify that vSAN HCL data is up to date. For more information about updating vSAN HCL data, see the vSAN documentation.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to a standalone host or a host in a cluster.
  2. On the Updates tab, select Hosts > Hardware Compatibility.
  3. In the Hardware Compatibility pane, click Sync compatibility data.
  4. In the Sync hardware compatibility data dialog box, click Go to Lifecycle Manager.
    You are redirected to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager home view.
  5. Select Actions > Sync HCL.
    The Update HCL data task appears in the Recent Taks pane.


After the Update HCL data task finishes, the compatibility data from the VCG becomes available to vSphere Lifecycle Manager.

What to do next

Check the hardware compatibility of your hosts against VCG before you update or upgrade them to a later ESXi version.